Ready to say goodbye to frustrating or debilitating period symptoms and stop suffering silently month-after-month?

I'm not kidding when I say you can start feeling better in as little as 3 days with a few simple shifts...

What if your next period showed up without you even knowing it was on its way?!

And all of those painful / annoying signs that it's approaching simply didn't happen anymore (or WAYYY less)...

... you're sick of dealing with:

Painful cramps that take you out: 

You’re bent over in excruciating pain that knocks you out for several days each month. You can’t get out of bed on some days. You’re rationing your PTO days hoping that you don’t have to use them because you physically cannot move because of your period againYour go-to action plan of heating pad plus ibuprofen only does so much to calm the pain and you think, "There must be something else I can do. Are cramps this bad really ‘normal’??"

long or heavy period you simply can't ignore:

Your period shows up and it definitely lets you know it’s here. You have to change your cup, pad, or tampon every single hour or risk ruining your favorite pair of jeans. White pants are definitely out of the question. Sometimes you double up on period protection to just be safe. You started using a period cup and realize there are these purplish blood clots and you’re not sure what that means. You brace yourself when your period shows up because you know to buckle up for more than a week of dealing with it.

Pre-period acne that shows up right on time on your chin / jawline:

That zit (or two or twelve) makes its monthly appearance on the dot. It lets you know it’s on its way, brewing under the surface before it finally appears all swollen and angry. You’ve tried every skincare product under the sun, changing what you eat, praying it away, but it still shows up on time every month. You just want to feel confident in your skin and this painful, cyclical hormonal acne is not helping!

Spotting leaving you wondering if it's actually your period: 

Does your period start and trail off with spotting instead of having a distinct start/stop? Or does spotting happen mid-cycle? Period is that you? Wait weren’t you just here two weeks ago? Am I ovulating? Has it been 4 weeks? Maybe it is time? Oh, you’re gone again? What is happening?

Headaches or menstrual migraines that take over your whole day: 

That throbbing in your head makes it impossible to think clearly, let alone get anything done. You’re sick of cancelling plans, but you can barely move and just need to lie down until it (hopefully) goes away. You haven’t really thought about it, but it does seem that it shows up monthly around half-way through your cycle or right before your period is about to start.

You experience a low libidovaginal dryness, or pain during sex

You never initiate sex. Your libido has packed up its bags long ago with a one way ticket and didn’t tell me where it was going. It’s dryer than the Sahara Desert down there and you experience pain during sex. Neither are helping you get in the mood. It’s such a bummer because you love your partner, but you don’t know why, sex is last thing on your mind.

You have PCOS or a PCOS diagnosis has been thrown around because of your irregular period. You want to know what is causing this and if you ACTUALLY have PCOS (or is it something else??)

What if you could have a regular period, symptoms didn't interfere with your life, you didn't worry so much about your fertility, and you weren't so confused about where the heck to start (because you've already tried ALL the things)...'re frustrated with:

A period that is MIA. 

Sometimes it shows up, sometimes it doesn’t. You’ve had maybe 3 or 4 cycles in the past year (maybe less?) Shouldn’t I have one every month? Your cycles are definitely longer than 30 days, maybe even 40, 50, 60 days (or more!) Something is up but you don’t know why it’s missing or why it decides to show up sometimes but not others.

Skin issues that won't quit: 

That deep, cystic acne that just won't budge. It lets you know it’s on its way, brewing under the surface before it finally appears all swollen and angry. You’ve tried every skincare product under the sun, changing what you eat, praying it away, but it still persists. You just want to feel confident in your skin and this painful, hormonal acne is not helping!

Something is up with your hair:

 It’s falling out, splitting at the ends, or just not growing. You notice you’re losing more hair than usual in the shower or are emptying your brush way more often. Maybe you even have hair growing in places it’s not welcome. You don’t want hair growing on my face, but if it could grow back on your head that would be great!

You've been struggling with your fertility

You've been trying for months (or over a year) to get pregnant naturally but it’s just not happening. You think, "I guess my period has been a bit off? Is this affecting my ability to get or stay pregnant? More than anything I just want a happy pregnancy and healthy baby and want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to support this dream. There must be a way to do this naturally."

Food cravings that leave you feeling a bit out of control: 

You love food, but you're sick of feeling like out of control around it. You don’t feel satisfied no matter what you eat and feel like you are on a blood sugar rollercoaster. It’s like chocolate has this spell over you and you just can’t stop! You know all foods can fit, but you feel like you keep unintentionally overdoing it and mostly just don’t feel great. You just want a better relationship with food, one rooted in love of food, not fear of it.

Now that you think about it your digestion is not quite right:

Frustrating gut issues that interfere with your day: 

So, on top of all of your period issues, you also deal with gut issues. Your digestion is so off, definitely not regular. It’s either pain, nausea, or bloating after eating almost anything or alternating between frequent bowel movements or nothing at all. Sometimes you feel like your food isn’t digesting well, like it’s just sitting there. You've tried probiotics and removing certain foods, but don’t think that’s helped. You love food but this makes it pretty miserable to eat. This all must be connected, right?

Uncomfortable bloating leaves you feeling self-conscious: 

As your period approaches it becomes a fight between you and the top button of your jeans. You know a bit of bloating is normal, but this seems excessive. You’re over feeling puffy and more than anything just want your clothes to fit comfortably. Is that too much to ask?

Your mood is all over the place:

Mood swings that come out of nowhere: One second everything is fine, the next the world feels like it’s going to end. It’s like being on a rollercoaster, but you don’t remember buying a ticket and you want off. It would be nice to have a stable mood with ebbs and flows as opposed to sharp spikes and crashes.

Anxiety that feels all-consuming: It’s really hard for you to feel calm and relaxed. You pretty much feel anxious all of the time. Sometimes you feel down and depressed, too. Your thoughts are intrusive and it’s really hard to turn them off. You can get edgy, impatient, or even angry. You really don’t mean to snap, but it does happen. It’s definitely worse around your period. You know that working so hard on your health and not seeing results is really getting to you. You think, "What if nothing helps and I just have to feel this way forever?" That really fuels your anxiety. You have some things that help, but could really use some different strategies for managing you anxiety.

You never really feel rested:

Low energy & fatigue make everything harder than it needs to be: 

You would love to have more energy and not feel so tired all of the time. Getting up in the morning is a struggle - even if you actually get enough sleep you still feel so tired! You need caffeine just to keep going and you experience an afternoon crash pretty much daily. It’s just like, on top of all of you period symptoms, you barely have the energy to do much about it. Your fatigue gets in the way of living your best life.

Sleep is a struggle:

It’s either racing thoughts keeping you up at night, waking up some time between 1 am and 4 am then cannot fall back to sleep, waking up in a panic before your alarm has even gone off, or getting out of bed is the biggest effort of the day. Maybe you travel often and the constant crossing of timezones makes it near impossible to have a regular sleep schedule. You don’t even know the last time you remembered a dream and sometimes you wake up with these awful night sweats and have to change your PJs. The last time you felt rested? That’s a funny question.

And it's not like you haven't tried to figure out what's wrong, you've done it all:

 Elimination diets, but there's nothing left to cut out

Every other diet under the sun - Paleo, keto, WW, calorie counting you name it

✦Every serum, cleanser, moisturizer you can get your hands on

Taking hair, skin & nail vitamins, hair masks, conditioning treatments, talking with your hairdresser, 

Random hormone balancing supplements in hopes that this will be the missing link - but you're not sure if they're doing anything or what your body needs

Talking with your doctor - but you leave with more questions than answers

Searching for answers on Google - but can't seem to find the information you're looking for

Following suggestions you read about in Facebook group - but that's not working either

Following various influencers hoping if you just do what they say all of your symptoms will go away

You've tried birth control:

You’ve tried taking birth control because you were told it would ‘regulate your period’. But maybe it’s not working for you anymore and symptoms are starting to creep back in, you want to try a more natural approach, or you recently transitioned off birth control but your periods have not returned to normal. You’re frustrated because you’ve tried all of the things to support your hormones during this transition but all of these issues are returning or new ones that you haven’t had to deal with before are showing up. All you can think is: help!

You want to ditch birth control by you're worried about:

  • Scary symptoms you've heard horror stories about
  • Your awful pre-birth control problems returning, but worse
  • Whether or not your period will come back right away (or at all!)
  • Managing your hormone-related condition, like PCOS or endometriosis, naturally without birth control
  • What birth control has done to your fertility and chances of having a healthy pregnancy either now or in the future
  • Using non-hormonal birth control options to prevent pregnancy
  • Where to even begin with tracking your cycle
  • Who you even ARE without the birth control you've been on for YEARS

Or maybe you've already taken the plunge to ditch the synthetic hormones and you are experiencing random symptoms and have no idea what to do...

  • Your once flawless skin is covered in breakouts
  • You losing your hair in clumps
  • Your period is STILL MIA or on the flipside super heavy or painful
  • You're trying to get pregnant but are met with disappointment and negative pregnancy tests month-after-month
  • Your emotions are all over the place and you feel like a different person every two minutes
  • You're struggling with gut issues
  • You get terrible hormonal headaches or migraines
  • Maybe you've heard of post-birth control syndrome and you're wondering ... do I have that?

And you've even tried working with health practitioners:

You’ve already poured hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars into working with different practitioners - maybe holistic or functional medicine professionals - because you feel a root cause approach makes the most sense, but something STILL isn’t clicking. You’ve done the expensive supplement protocols, restrictive food plans, hormone tests. Why isn’t it working?? It seems to just be adding more stress and you're sick of bouncing around from practitioner to practitioner not getting answers and clearly no one is talking to each other when it comes to your health plan.

You feel stuck with all of the conflicting information:

There is so much information out there and you’ve tried to piece it all together, but you’re exhausted of how everything seems to contradict each other. You don’t even know what to believe anymore and just wish there was a plan that mapped out the truth without the noise.

Overall, you feel like you MUST be missing something:

You’ve already tried SO many things, but your symptoms persist despite all of your effort. This can’t just be it, can it?? You wish you had a starting point because you don’t even know where to begin, and nothing has worked so far...

7 Mistakes You're Probably Making Trying to Rescue Your Period

1. You are trying all of the things without first figuring out what is out of balance in your body.

Symptoms or conditions can have completely different root causes from one person to another. Even if we know what is going on in the body we need to understand why and what is driving our symptoms or conditions and address THAT for sustained healing.

2. You are listening to every health guru out there, but not your own body.

You are the ultimate expert of your own body. Our bodies are all uniquely different and what works for one person does not always work for another. Understanding what is driving your symptoms and what works for your body gives you your power back.

3. You are not managing stress well.

Think of stress like the first domino that tips over affects all of your other hormones. When we are not managing stress well, overtime staying in this stressed state can lead to hormone-related symptoms and conditions. Hello painful periods!

4. You are not eating enough, are working out too much, or both.

Our hormones require enough energy and nutrients from food to function properly. When we are working out too much and not eating enough, this acts as an internal stressor on the body that can worsen symptoms over time.

5. You think your symptoms are normal or there's nothing you can do to actually heal them.

This is something we’ve been told our whole lives: that our period problems and symptoms are just a “normal part of life.” This is not true. Symptoms are a signal from the body that something is out of balance and needs to be looked at.

6. You are taking hormone balancing supplements but not sure if they are what your body needs.

It’s easy to try every supplement under the sun that has “hormone balancing effects”. When we do this we may be taking things we don’t need or could have the opposite effect than what we’re looking for. Supplements can be great, but it’s important to determine what you need based on what is going on in your body.

7. You don't have proper guidance or a map on how to heal your period problems.

One of the most overwhelming parts of healing your hormones is the HUGE amount of information out there that is often contradicting. It makes it really difficult to figure out which parts apply to you and which parts you don’t need.

No more debilitating period pain

No more scheduling your entire life around your symptoms

No more confusion about what is driving your symptoms

No more feeling defeated trying all the things and nothing is working

No more more overwhelm with conflicting health information

No more fear or hopelessness around your fertility

You can finally put your period problems in the past without worrying about what your hormonal future holds!

Just think about how much easier your life would be if you got your time back from falling down Google holes and getting lost in Facebook group threads digging for the answers to period symptom woes...

Instead, you have a proven blueprint to make your journey to pain-free periods and symptomless cycles effortless AND all of the answers you've been searching endlessly for all in one place.

What this means for you:

☾Pain-Free Periods

A period that doesn’t take you out for several days (or a whole week)!

☾Predictable Periods

You know when to expect your period because you know how to to track it and your symptoms (and if it doesn’t show up you know why and what to do differently).

☾Periods That are Not Too Long, Not Too Short

Like the perfect house guest, your period comes without bearing annoying problems, stays for a few days (a week max), and is on its way.

☾Symptomless Cycles

Did you ever think there could be such a thing? Periods that come and go so effortlessly that you almost forget they were even there!

☾Clear, Glowing Skin

Your angry skin is no longer a signal that your period is on its way and your monthly period zits haven't made an appearance in MONTHS!

☾Restored Libido

Your libido is back and with it restored pleasure and interest sex (without pain!).

☾Healthy Fertility

Your period acts like a compass for your fertility. You know that when the time comes your body is in the best health possible to support a healthy, happy pregnancy.

☾Regular Digestion

Goodbye stomach pain, frustrating bloating, and irregularities. You know what works for your body, what doesn’t, and feel confident supporting your gut health, and how to find extra support if you need it!

☾Clothes That Fit Comfortably

You’re excited to get dressed in the morning because you don’t have to worry about your favorite outfits feeling too tight or uncomfortable. You wear what you want and feel great in it!

☾Stable Mood

Your mood ebbs and flows and you have a personalized set of tools to support you when you feel down or anxious. You no longer turn into the hangry monster, accidentally snap at your friends, or feel like you're along for the wild ride your mood tends to take you on.

☾Vibrant Energy

You can jump out of bed with sustained energy throughout the day, saying goodbye to those afternoon slumps. Okay, maybe not jump, but it's definitely way easier to get up and take on the today.

☾Confidence in What Works for Your Body

You’re done looking at what every other person in the world is doing for their health and focused on what works for YOUR body - because you understand that every body is different and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for you!

☾A Roadmap for When Symptoms Return

You know not to freak out when a symptom shows back up unannounced because you have the tools to understand why it’s back and what you can do to make some simple shifts in your day-to-day!

☾A Healthy Relationship with Your Body

You feel confident in your body and feel good knowing you have developed a relationship with your body based on trust. Your body is full of powerful wisdom that you know how to tap into.

Allow me to let you in on the great news!

✓ You can heal your period and finally feel free of the symptoms interfering with truly enjoying your life.

✓ You can heal your period in a matter of months with some simple shifts in your nutrition & lifestyle, instead of wasting time, money, and energy on random cookie-cutter plans and supplements you don't even know if you need.

✓ There is an easier way to heal your period that doesn't involve strict rules, overwhelming restrictions, or complicated protocols that leave you feeling exhausted and defeated.

I've helped hundreds of clients just like you finally ditch their symptoms and have a regular, pain-free period.

The one thing they all have in common? FIRST, we figure out your unique and specific root causes. THEN we apply healing strategies based on this information.

But I know you don't have the time or the need to sift through confusing and overwhelming health information trying to figure this all out on your own.

I mean, you just really want to know how you can start feeling better as soon as possible.

So I'm going to share my step-by-step formula so you can heal your period, finally and for good!

And start feeling better THIS WEEK.


Heal Your Period is my proven nutrition & lifestyle blueprint that will teach you the exact action steps to finally have a pain-free period & symptomless cycle, without any sort of major overhaul!

EVEN if you have been dealing with these symptoms your WHOLE LIFE!
Heal Your Period is the only program specifically designed for ambitious hormone healers that puts YOU in the center of your healing journey and walks you step-by-step through:

  • Uncovering YOUR specific root causes driving your symptoms (why are you experiencing them?)

  • Selecting the right healing strategies for your body (based on these root causes)

  • Making small & sustainable lifestyle shifts that create a BIG impact (that incorporates mindset & habit change strategies for long-term healing)

And also:

  • Answers ALL of your burning questions (like how do I put together happy hormone meals? what exercise is best for my hormones? how can know I’m supporting my fertility? do I have PCOS? why do I get cramps?)

  • Provides a safe space to connect, troubleshoot your symptoms, and find support on this journey (that can feel really lonely sometimes).

Get Your Personalized Period Healing Blueprint

Here's what's waiting for you inside Heal Your Period...


Inside you will find 3 getting started modules, your 6-week program to set your nutrition & lifestyle foundations, and 3 modules to personalize your experience - supplement, symptom, & hormone toolkits. Short lessons walk you through uncovering the root cause of your symptoms & personalizing your healing strategies. Each module has a roadmap and workbook to guide you!

Let's take a peak into the course...


Roadmap | Quick Wins | Mindset

Your step-by-step guide to walk you through the lessons and navigate to the parts that are most relevant to you. The Quick Wins Workbook outlines the foundational getting started steps that you can incorporate right away to experience BIG wins with small steps. Journaling exercises help to create a hormone healing mindset.


Choose Your Path

You are here because you want to heal your period. Get an introduction into the main reasons and symptoms behind the 6 main reasons that brought you here: PMS + period pain, PCOS, endometriosis, stopping birth control, a missing period, and/or fertility. There are workbooks to help you understand your period picture.


Hormones & Root Causes

Learn about your main hormones, symptoms of imbalances, and take a quiz to help figure out your potential hormone imbalances. You'll also learn the main root causes or reasons why your hormones are out of balance. We'll also cover lab testing and how to test your hormones.



In week 1 you get to know your period and cycle on another level! Understand your hormonal shifts, cycle phases, and how to confidently track your cycle!

  • Describe Your Period Now: understand your period patterns & establish a baseline
  • Identify Your Symptoms: they give you clues about what may be out of balance in your body
  • Determine Your 4 Cycle Phases: menstrual, follicular, ovulation, and luteal - to understand your hormonal shifts and body changes throughout the month
  • Track Your Period, Cycle, & Ovulation with Confidence and Ease: take the mystery out of the fertility awareness method, natural birth control options, and pinpointing ovulation correctly



In week 2 we're diving into all things nutrition and how you can support your hormones and have a better period with food!

  • assess how you are eating now
  • determine happy hormone foods to include
  • build balanced meals & snacks
  • develop a healthy relationship with food
  • explain the importance of blood sugar balance


Stress, too much high intensity exercise, too little movement, poor sleep, no boundaries - these are all a recipe for hormonal chaos!

  • describe your energy story & how this relates to your stress hormone cortisol
  • create your stress toolkit
  • implement an exercise routine that you enjoy
  • incorporate lifestyle tools to support your hormones



Any kind of pain is a symptom of inflammation in the body. Inflammation is an internal source of stress on the body and can be adding fuel to the fire of your symptoms.

  1. identify signs & symptoms of inflammation
  2. explain ways to support your body's natural detoxification system through nutrition & lifestyle
  3. create an action plan for reducing day-to-day toxins and hormone-disrupting chemicals


Are you dealing with frustrating gut issues on top of your period issues? Struggling with constant uncomfortable bloating, indigestion, constipation, stomach pain, and more? A healthy gut is important for healthy hormones.

  • identify your digestive symptoms
  • determine potential food sensitivities
  • explain ways to support gut health through nutrition & lifestyle
  • identify supplements for digestive support and when they are indicated
  • how and when to dig deeper into gut health


Establish habits and routines that support all of your hard work so you can live your life in hormonal harmony!

  • summarize how to create lasting happy hormone changes
  • select which supplements to continue and which to stop
  • recall which labs to keep track of
  • identify how to find additional health support if needed


Supplement Guide

Your ultimate resource for the exact supplements, brands, amounts, and how long to take to address the root cause of your symptoms and guide your journey to happy periods periods for long-term healing.


PCOS Supplement Guide

Painful Period Supplement Guide

PLUS access to the exact products & plans I recommend in Fullscript (my online supplement dispensary)


Hormone Toolkit

An easy to navigate resource to find the main root causes or reasons behind an imbalance and hormone-specific nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. You'll find:

  • cortisol
  • DHEA
  • estrogen
  • progesterone
  • testosterone
  • insulin
  • thyroid
  • melatonin
  • prolactin


Period Symptom Toolkit

It's time to say goodbye to PMS symptoms like cramps, bloating, cyclical acne, breast tenderness, headaches, and more! Let's put PCOS symptoms in the past: frustrating acne, unwanted hair growth, hair loss, food cravings, or irregular periods. Let's lighten the potential hair loss, breakouts, period issues, and fatigue that can happen after birth control. You'll learn the why behind those frustrating symptoms that you can experience with painful periods and know exactly what to do so you can feel confident and comfortable in your body.


Your go-to resource with all of the answers to the questions you've been desperately Googling, searching for in random Facebook groups, or trying to find from a random influencer. You have access to a Google form to submit any question that comes up for you and the answers will be added to the FAQ Vault monthly. Questions are split up into easy-to-navigate topics. You'll find answers to questions like: Why are my food cravings worse before my period? How do I request the labs I want at my doctor appointment? What can I do to help my cramps? How do I know if I actually have PCOS?



Connect with a community of period healers on a mission to have a symptom-free period, optimize fertility, and reconnect with their cyclical rhythm! Krista will be available to answer your questions in Slack as you move through the course. This is for accountability, questions, and a safe space to share wins and find support.

You have lifetime access to all course materials and updates so you can listen and learn from anywhere and re-listen forever!

A Look Inside Heal Your Period

Available in days
days after you enroll
  Heal Your Period Introduction
Available in days
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  Choose Your Path
Available in days
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  Hormones & Root Causes
Available in days
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  Week 1: Your Period & Cycle
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 2: Period Nutrition
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 3: Stress, Movement, & Lifestyle
Available in days
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  Module 4: Taming Inflammation
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 5: Healing Your Gut
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 6: Lifelong Happy Periods
Available in days
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  Period Symptom Toolkit
Available in days
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Available in days
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  Hormone Toolkit
Available in days
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Available in days
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  Next Steps
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  FAQ Vault
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Get Your Personalized Period Healing Blueprint


✔ 12 Module Heal Your Period Program: 3 Getting Started Modules, 6-Week Program, & 3 Personalizing Modules
(value = $2997)

✔Heal Your Period Roadmap & Quick Wins Workbook
(value = $197)

✔FAQ Vault - Updated Monthly
(value = $997)

✔ Private Members-Only Slack Group for Questions & Support
(value = $297)

Total Value = $4,488

Do you like BONUSES?

In addition to the entire Heal Your Period program, I'm also including my complete Nutrition & Lifestyle Toolkit as a special bonus to make your journey to healthy periods EVEN EASIER!

You'll get instant access to...




(value = $297)

If you're looking to get pregnant now or in the future these workshops are for you! Explore the key focus areas for making your fertility journey as effortless as possible and your body the best home for baby. We will cover nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement considerations for fertility and pregnancy through conception and beyond with a special focus on considerations if you have painful periods, PCOS, or have made the transition off of birth control!



(value = $197)


Am I Ovulating? Toolkit

Your go-to toolkit to understand exactly how to predict and confirm ovulation each cycle with special considerations for irregular cycles. This guide is your go-to whether your are looking to get pregnant, actively avoid pregnancy, or simply gain stronger cycle awareness.

Period Tracking Journal

Track your period, ovulation, symptoms, and thoughts each month in your virtual period tracking journal so you can understand your body’s patterns and assess your period healing progress!

Fertility Awareness Method: Getting Started with FAM

Learn the key steps to start using the Fertility Awareness Method as your new non-hormonal birth control option! FAM is your go-to option whether your are looking to get pregnant, actively avoid pregnancy, and gain stronger cycle awareness.



(value = $297)

Eat for happy hormones with ease! Your 4-week plans includes 4 menus, 4 meal plan charts, 4 grocery lists, and detailed recipes with pictures so you can take the guesswork out of nourishing your body to ease your period symptoms!

Stock your pantry with snacks and treats that will keep you satisfied, without sacrificing your blood sugar and will help to keep even the strongest of cravings in check!


Period Pain Month of Meals

Quitting Birth Control Meal Plan

PCOS Meal Plan

Snacks & Sweets for PMS Cravings

PCOS Snack Guide

Sweet Treats for When Cravings Hit




(value = $97)

Move your body mindfully and in alignment with your menstrual cycle. Your 4-week plan includes 12 minimal equipment 20-minute workouts, 3 for each phase of your cycle, that you can complete anywhere!



(value = $97)

Your go-to toolkit of natural solutions when symptoms creep in for relief as quickly as possible so you can continue on with your day without period pain holding you back!

Ready for your ultimate period healing blueprint?


✔ 12 Module Heal Your Period Program: 3 Getting Started Modules, 6-Week Program, & 3 Personalizing Modules
(value = $2997)

✔Heal Your Period Roadmap & Quick Wins Workbook
(value = $197)

✔FAQ Vault - Updated Monthly
(value = $997)

✔ Private Members-Only Slack Group for Questions & Support
(value = $297)

BONUS: 3 Fertility Foundations Modules
(value = $997)

BONUS: Menstrual Movement: 4-Week Workout Plan
(value = $197)

BONUS: Cycle Tracking Bundle

(value = $197)

BONUS: Recipes, Snacks, & Meal Plans Bundle
(value = $297)

BONUS: PMS Relief Toolkit
(value = $97)

Total Value = $6,273

I want you to be 100% confident when you enroll!

Due to the digital nature of the Heal Your Period course, NO REFUNDS will be issued under any circumstances. Please make sure Heal Your Period feels like a good fit before enrolling. I'm happy to answer any questions you have prior to enrolling. Please email [email protected]

I've been there. I understand the hesitation you feel investing in an online product, especially one designed to support your health. Where you put your money is where you put your energy and you want to make sure you're making a smart purchase.

I'm proud of Heal Your Period as it allows me to work with you with all the tools and resources I use with my one-on-one clients at a fraction of the cost.

Heal Your Period has the power to radically support your journey to healthy periods with EASE.

While it's impossible to predict specific health outcomes, what I can guarantee is that Heal Your Period will save you a ton of time, stress, and energy figuring out the action steps to make symptomless cycles as easy, seamless, and simple as possible.

Ready for your ultimate period rescue blueprint?


✔ 12 Module Heal Your Period Program: 3 Getting Started Modules, 6-Week Program, & 3 Personalizing Modules
(value = $2997)

✔Heal Your Period Roadmap & Quick Wins Workbook
(value = $197)

✔FAQ Vault - Updated Monthly
(value = $997)

✔ Private Members-Only Slack Group for Questions & Support
(value = $297)

BONUS: 3 Fertility Foundations Modules
(value = $997)

BONUS: Menstrual Movement: 4-Week Workout Plan
(value = $197)

BONUS: Cycle Tracking Bundle

(value = $197)

BONUS: Recipes, Snacks, & Meal Plans Bundle
(value = $297)

BONUS: PMS Relief Toolkit
(value = $97)

Total Value = $6,273


Krista King, MS, RDN, LDN, IFNCP

I'm an integrative dietitian and fertility awareness educator helping you experience better periods, symptomless cycles, and optimal fertility, naturally.

My mission is to help you heal your hormones naturally.

I help holistic health seekers & menstruators have normal, healthy periods, support optimal fertility, and ultimately feel at home in their bodies!

After working with 100s of clients over the years, I recognized there is a huge gap in healthcare education and resources for those who want natural solutions for symptom-free periods.

I've seen the power of simple nutrition and lifestyle shifts on balancing your hormones and finally having symptomless cycles and I want you to be in on it too!

I created Heal Your Period to house all of my hormone healing knowledge and tools all in one place so you can say goodbye to frustrating or debilitating period symptoms with clarity and ease.

I hope to see you inside!

Why am I the person to help you?

✓ I've been where you are. I get it. 

I know what it's like to deal with monthly period pain and symptoms we're told are normal. It feels like this is just a hand we're dealt. From my own experience I can tell you healing is possible.

✓ I've worked with clients just like you one-on-one to heal their period problems naturally. 

This is the exact formula I use that I've seen work over and over again. Now you have access to all of the tools I use to help you start feeling like yourself again.

✓ This is not a cookie-cutter plan. 

I don't believe in "on" or "off" thinking when it comes to health. This is about learning what works for your body and leaving the rest.

✓ I'm a credentialed healthcare practitioner with a passion to share the science in a way that makes sense. 

My curious and ever-questioning mind has lead to obtain different credentials and certifications to guide my practice. I am a licensed registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), integrative and functional nutrition certified practitioner (IFNCP), certified health coach (CHC), and certified personal trainer (CPT) through NASM.

✓ I integrate holistic modalities shown to support balance in the body. 

Through my personal healing journey I have explored many holistic modalities to reconnect with the body that I fuse into my practice.

Heal Your Period was created just for you: the holistic health seeker who wants natural solutions for your unique body.

You want pain-free periods & symptomless cycles. You...

Have a painful period
Have a long or heavy period
Struggle with PMS or PMDD
Have endometriosis, adenomyosis, or fibroids
Experience mood swings, irritability, low energy, or anxiety around your period
Want to support optimal fertility with painful periods
Are sick of being told your symptoms are "normal"

You want to finally manage your PCOS with EASE, gain cycle clarity, and feel CONFIDENT in your body. You...

✦ Have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
✦ Have a missing or irregular period
✦ Have long menstrual cycles (more than 35 days)
✦ Struggle with acne, hirsutism (unwanted hair growth), hair loss, weight
✦ Want to support optimal fertility with PCOS
✦ Are sick of being told birth control is your only option
✦ Are sick of conflicting information and restrictive dit & lifestyle plans

You want to ditch synthetic hormones and reconnect with your own cyclical nature without symptoms!

✦ You are currently on birth control but thinking about transitioning off
You have recently stopped birth control within the last 3 months
✦ You have stopped birth control more than 3 months ago
You have / had been on birth control for 5, 10, 15+ years
✦ You worry about or already have experienced symptoms after stopping birth control
You want to support optimal fertility post birth control
✦ You have been on: the pill, hormonal IUD, copper IUD, patch, implant, Nuvaring, shot

Ellie finally got pregnant after stopping birth control after learning how to pinpoint when she was actually ovulating (vs when her period tracking app was telling her)...

Lucy was diagnosed with endometriosis and after

incorporating small shifts in her nutrition her periods became much lighter...

As someone with PCOS who had already done extensive research to support her health, Emma gained more cycle clarity and how to troubleshoot her personal symptoms...

Riley had just gotten diagnosed with insulin-resistant PCOS and had experienced two early losses on her fertility journey. She dove into the course and discovered she was pregnant within one month of the program...

Donna had been struggling with intense period symptoms related to peri-menopause in addition to struggling with her relationship to food for most of her adult life...

Heather knew that birth control and Prozac were not the answers she was looking for on her quest to heal her PMS symptoms and anxiety...

Heal Your Period may NOT be for you if...

You are looking for a quick fix

You are looking for individualized one-on-one support

You are not interested in trying new things or making changes to current habits

The investment will add more stress to your life or cause a financial strain

Get Your Personalized Period Healing Blueprint


✔ 12 Module Heal Your Period Program: 3 Getting Started Modules, 6-Week Program, & 3 Personalizing Modules
(value = $2997)

✔Heal Your Period Roadmap & Quick Wins Workbook
(value = $197)

✔FAQ Vault - Updated Monthly
(value = $997)

✔ Private Members-Only Slack Group for Questions & Support
(value = $297)

BONUS: 3 Fertility Foundations Modules
(value = $997)

BONUS: Menstrual Movement: 4-Week Workout Plan
(value = $197)

BONUS: Cycle Tracking Bundle

(value = $197)

BONUS: Recipes, Snacks, & Meal Plans Bundle
(value = $297)

BONUS: PMS Relief Toolkit
(value = $97)

Total Value = $6,273

Frequently Asked Questions

▶ What exactly is inside Heal Your Period?

You will get instant access to the 8-module video course (that includes everything within my Period Rescue, PCOS Harmony, and After Birth Control courses) that walks you through the exact action steps for healthy periods and symptomless cycles. Supporting handouts and resources are included in the modules. In addition, you will receive access to the Heal Your Period Roadmap & Quick Wins Workbook, the FAQ Vault with the ability to submit your questions monthly, and the private members-only Facebook group. You will also receive the bonus Nutrition & Lifestyle Toolkit to make your journey even easier: Optimizing Fertility modules, Cycle Tracking Bundle, Supplement Guide Bundle, 4-Week Meal Plan Bundle, Snack Guide Bundle, and the PMS Relief Toolkit.

▶ What format is the content delivered in?

The course is delivered in video format with printable PowerPoint slides to follow along. Each module is broken up into short videos that walk you through the exact steps for each topic. The handouts and bonuses are in PDF format for you to print or to access and fill in right on the computer.

▶ How long will it take me to complete the modules?

The Heal Your Period modules are delivered in a self-guided format so you can break it up as fits in your schedule. There are about 7 hours of total video content so it is possible to sit down and do a run through of all of the content in a week or so then go back and re-listen to parts that are most relevant to you.

▶ How much time is this going to take out of my week / add to my schedule?

You can fit it in however best works for you. If you're someone that loves to sit down and get through it all at once, it's possible to do in a weekend. If you prefer to break it up and move through it and implement changes as you go you can do a module a week for 6 weeks. Or you can do a mix of both - do a quick run through then go through with the action steps week by week. We all have different learning styles so the course is designed to work however you work best!

▶ How long will it take before I can expect to see results?

Lifestyle changes can take up to 3 cycles to reflect in our periods and menstrual cycles. That said, many clients I work with start feeling better after just a few weeks. Some changes we make we can feel right away (like balancing our blood sugar to support our energy and mood), others are forming new habits that build over time. I recommend giving period problems at least 3 months to notice big changes.

▶ Do you update the program?

Yes! I am continuously updating and revising the course and you will automatically have access to any and all updates I make right in your online portal. If there are any major changes I will notify you by email.

▶ How long do I have access to the program?

Forever! After you enroll you will have unlimited access to Heal Your Period for as long as you like across all of your devices.

▶ Do you offer refunds or guarantees?

Due to the digital nature of the course and my commitment to the quality and effectiveness of the materials I create NO REFUNDS will be issued under any circumstance. I need you to make sure that you are 100% confident before enrolling and feel like this course is a good fit for what you are looking to achieve. Email [email protected] if you have any questions and I am happy to answer!

▶ Can I find this information online for free?

The quick answer, not really! One of the number one concerns I hear from clients and those I talk to is "there is SO much conflicting and confusing information out there I don't even know what to do anymore". Nutrition science and functional medicine is ever-evolving and the problem is figuring out not what is truth, but what is truth for ME. I help you navigate through the weeds and noise in the health and wellness world to boil it down to simple, actionable steps rooted in science that WORK. There is nothing out there that I have seen that combines hormone healing, intuitive eating, and how our mental and emotional health influences imbalances in our physical body. Heal Your Period is truly one of a kind!

▶ Is this a diet plan?

No! I am adamant about providing you with the tools to make sustainable lifestyle shifts that do not involve any sort of strict diet plan. The Period Rescue Month of Meals bonus included serves as an example or guide for creating happy hormone meals, but it is absolutely not prescriptive or have to be followed exactly! In fact, it can be used as a recipe book instead of a plan. All recipes I provide are tools for you to learn how to build meals that work for your body.

▶ I have a history with disordered eating and hesitant something like this could trigger past behaviors.

I work with many clients with history of or have current disordered eating habits. I also work with clients to unravel disordered eating that has started as a result of following strict or prescriptive healing protocols in the name of health and healing. I am extremely sensitive to disordered eating and eating disorder histories. I teach nutrition principles through an intuitive eating and Health at Every Size lens. I will never ask you to track meals or calories or to follow any sort of restrictive plan. My nutrition philosophy is deeply rooted in reconnecting with your body. You can read my full nutrition philosophy here.

▶ This is a lot of money, is it really worth that price?

I totally hear you! This really is an investment in your health. Heal Your Period wraps up the exact strategies, tools, and resources I use with my one-on-one clients in a self-guided format at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one coaching, plus you have access to me in several ways: in the private Facebook community, to answer your questions monthly in the FAQ Vault, and with Zoom group calls every other month.

▶ Can I use my FSA or HSA card to purchase?

You may be able to use your FSA or HSA card! I recommend checking with your service provider to see if a nutrition course is covered by your plan.

▶ I'm afraid of signing up for this and then not having the time or energy required to get the results.

The biggest results we can experience come from the small shifts we make that add up over time. I am not asking you to throw everything out to completely overhaul your life all at once. That's not how sustainable change works. The course is designed to walk you through these small things that you can add to what you're already doing to see changes that evolve over time. Often it's just shifting a few small things that make huge differences we couldn't have even guessed!

▶ I'm too busy to do this right now.

I totally get it! There is always so much going on and it's easy to get spread too thin. The beauty of Heal Your Period is the video modules are quick and actionable so you're not wasting time listening to hours of video modules. You can take exactly what you need and start incorporating the things that most resonate with you right away!

▶ I've had period problems literally forever, this can really help heal my symptoms?

Yes! Our symptoms are a signal from the body that something is out of balance and needs to be looked at. Unfortunately, conventional medicine uses the approach of labeling conditions based on symptoms and then treating the label instead of asking why are these symptoms here in the first place. Heal Your Period helps you uncover and heal you why so you can get on with your life without period problems holding you back.

Everything you need for a healthy period, symptomless cycle, & optimal fertility is waiting for you inside Heal Your Period!

Get Your Personalized Period Healing Blueprint


✔ 12 Module Heal Your Period Program: 3 Getting Started Modules, 6-Week Program, & 3 Personalizing Modules
(value = $2997)

✔Heal Your Period Roadmap & Quick Wins Workbook
(value = $197)

✔FAQ Vault - Updated Monthly
(value = $997)

✔ Private Members-Only Slack Group for Questions & Support
(value = $297)

BONUS: 3 Fertility Foundations Modules
(value = $997)

BONUS: Menstrual Movement: 4-Week Workout Plan
(value = $197)

BONUS: Cycle Tracking Bundle

(value = $197)

BONUS: Recipes, Snacks, & Meal Plans Bundle
(value = $297)

BONUS: PMS Relief Toolkit
(value = $97)

Total Value = $6,273